Hacks to Use One Eye Shadow Palette in Five Different Ways

Hacks to Use One Eye Shadow Palette in Five Different Ways

One product with multiple benefits

Makeup is nothing but a beautiful interpretation of art. Clubbing different products together to create a trendy look is an exciting process. Isn’t it amazing to see how one lipstick can be used in numerous ways, on eyes, cheeks, for contouring and many more? Similarly, our forever love compact powder helps in achieving fluffy lashes along with hiding blemishes and giving a fresh glowing face. Now, these are the products that have been ruling since your grandmother’s era, but did you know, there’s this one very versatile product in your makeup kit that is capable of more than what it offers? Ladies, we are talking about the shimmer matte beauty Eye shadow palette. We know what you’re thinking: there can’t possibly be that many tricks for using eye shadow. But think again! There are tons of creative ways to put your shadow palette to use on more than just your eyes! Stay tuned with us to know how to apply eye shadow in different ways.

For this demonstration, we have chosen SERY Aurora Eye Shadow Palette – Cosmo Delight. This divine beauty is encased in beautiful paper packaging and comes with a blend of 9 different highly pigmented shades –  matte and shimmer. Let’s see how this vegan beauty can help in accentuating our makeup.

As an Eyeliner

Just realised your bottle of eyeliner has waved adios and there’s no way you can get a new one. No problem, we have the best eye shadow palette for the escape. Take an angular eye shadow brush, and swipe the shade Prussian across your upper lashline with your desired shade, the trick to achieving an intensified look is by dampening the brush with SERY Set It All Setting Spray, along with giving a mimic of eyeliner with the eye shadow, it will also keep the liner long-lasting. The best part about this is you can experiment with multiple color of eyeliner. It’s called smart work, not hard work!

To Fill In Eyebrows

Who doesn’t like fluffy and perfectly shaped brows – well all crave it! Whenever you are on the go and want to save space in your travel kit, just carry this eye shadow palette. Bring this magical hack to life by taking a stiff brush, and loading it with shade Prussian to fill in the brows and with hair-like strokes creating your desired shape. Ensure to blend it well to give it a natural look and voila! You are ready to roll.

As a Highlighter


Makeup mavens you know it very well any look you create is incomplete without swiping your love highlighter. Highlighters are the saviour! Running late? apply this shimmering beauty to look put together. Use the shimmer shade of your choice, here we are using the shade Glilzed and swipe it on your cheekbones, cupid bow, or bridge of the nose. We bet you cannot spot the difference if it is the eye shadow doing the work or a highlighter, the shimmer shades of the 9-in-1 palette give a beautiful natural finish.

As a Bronzer

Who said there’s no other way to get that bronzed look without having a bronzer palette? Ladies, with the right product, you have endless possibilities! Make the best use of shade Cabana to create that sassy bronzed look just in a swirl. Apply it in light layers to the area of the face where the sun can naturally linger and give you a real tan – forehead, down the cheekbones and under the jaw. Blend and buff with the brush and you’ll instantly have a softly defined, bronzed look. This boosts the radiance of the makeup by giving a softer and much more natural look.

As a lipstick

I have an ample stack of lipstick, I don’t need any more – said no woman ever! When it comes to lipstick, more is always less, isn’t it? That’s why for you to experiment with more color we are sharing this quirky hack where you can make the best use of your eye shadow palette. How, you ask? Take your liquid concealer and apply it on the lips to create a smooth canvas, with the help of a lipstick brush, gently apply your preferred shade from the palette, and blend it well. If you are fond of glossy lips then SERY has the best lip gloss – Butter Shine Lip Gloss, enriched with shea butter to give those lips a feather-like feel and nourished softness.


Get creative with your makeup by using these handy hacks that will make it more interesting by adding a quirky touch.

Nisha Rathi
Author: Nisha Rathi
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