Hacks to Make Your Lipstick Mask-Proof

Hacks to Make Your Lipstick Mask-Proof

Ever since the pandemic hit around the globe and we got accustomed to covering our faces, wearing masks while stepping out has become an essential thing. Safety comes first, however make-up lovers also face issues like lipstick staining the mask. There’s something about wearing a lipstick that makes a woman feel confident and elevates her mood. However, everyone wants to apply lipstick without stressing over lip color getting smeared or stained. To make your lipstick smudge-proof and long-lasting despite wearing a mask might sound challenging but it is still possible with the help of a few techniques! Let’s find out how to keep your lipstick mask-proof.

A Quick Guide to Make Lipstick Mask-Proof

  • Prep and Hydrate Your Lips 

Before applying lipstick, exfoliate your lips to avoid them from being chapped. It is very important to hydrate your lips before applying the lipstick. You can apply a thin layer of balm/lip oil on the lips that will keep the lips soft and supple. 

  • Line Your Lips 

Before grabbing your favorite lipstick shade, outline your lips with a lip liner. Applying a lip liner always helps and avoids lipstick from fading or feathering. Now whether you eat food or kiss your bae or cover your face with a mask, lipstick is less likely to smudge from the sides. 

  • Go for Matte Lipsticks 

While stepping out with a mask on, it is very important to choose a lipstick that has a long-wearing formula. SERY Stay on Liquid Matte Lipstick has a long-lasting formula that stays all day long and is less likely to smudge under the mask. This lipstick has a lightweight formula, is mask-proof, and is very convenient to apply on lips. Furthermore, the excellent color play-off avoids lipstick from rubbing off. 

  • Blot, Dab and finish With Loose Powder 

Once you finish applying the lipstick, just blot and dab. Take tissue paper, place it on your lips, and dab with loose powder. Using loose powder after lipstick removes excess color, moisture and keeps lipstick away from smearing under the face mask.  Lastly, wear your mask freely and use these hacks to make your lipstick last for a longer period! Stay safe and keep wearing your favorite lip color.