Get Your Nails Summer Ready with SERY Pastel Nail Paints

Get Your Nails Summer Ready with SERY Pastel Nail Paints

Manicures and beautiful nail designs are so underrated but they elevate even the simplest outfit look. When it comes to choosing insta worthy nail paint look in the summer season, all that comes to mind are bright pastel hues which give ultimate summer vibes with their vibrant color shades. For everyone who dreams of having perfect manicured hands, pastel colors are synonyms for spring season and everything positive and happy. And if you are looking for something refreshing like a cool breeze amidst this scorching heat of summer, pastel nail paints are way to go! To flaunt your statement look with minimalistic color hues, pastel color nail paints are trending this summer season and are not going out of trend anytime soon. 

These gorgeous and soft colors are all over the internet and are easy to wear and can be included in your personal style without any second thought. From girly pinks to blues to green to yellow, these colors are your best manicure partners that make your nails look pretty. 

Trending Colorful Shades of SERY Pastel Nail Paints

To be honest choosing the nail paint color that compliments your outfit is the most stressful thing! And to help you to look stand out with your outfit and nail color, SERY color Flirt Nail Lacquer in pastel shades is the real answer. SERY Pastel shades are eye-catching, suit every skin tone and give long-lasting color for up to 6 days. These pastel shades with a shimmer touch deliver a flawless and shiny finish to the nails. They provide strong adherence with chip-resistant formula and also contain UV filters to avoid discoloration of the nails. Moreover, they are also enriched with Avocado Oil and Vitamin E for strengthening and moisturizing the nails.

Glazing Pink 

This pastel shade in pink color is the perfect addition to your day outfit suiting every type of occasion. This shimmery pastel color by SERY is the perfect go-to partner in the summer & spring season and proves to be the perfect manicure shade.

Lilac Love

This color denotes soft shade of purple that gives the vibe of both grace and coolness. Lilac color is such a versatile shade and gives the nails a …. This shade in particular is soothing and oh-so-chic!

Sky Breeze 

This color reminds us of the blue ocean and is enough to whisk your mind away. Pastel blue shade gives calm vibes and is a soothing and peaceful color. Wear this color on a bright sunny day and feel refreshed throughout.

Smooth Amber 

This light-colored nude shade is one of the classic nail paint trends that are all over Instagram these days. Their neutral color tone looks flattering on all types of nails and is your ideal choice if you wish to keep a minimalistic look.

How to Apply Pastel Nail Paint?

Apply a Base Coat First

Make sure you remove the previous nail paint using a nail paint remover liquidSince pastel nail paints are light in color hence remains of previous dark-colored nail paint will be visible on the new coat. Hence make sure to thoroughly clean the color and then apply a base coat. The main reason behind applying a base coat is to save the pastel nail paint from staining. It acts as a protection layer between the nail and the color pigment of the polish. 

Apply the Pastel Nail Paint

Once the base coat has dried up fully, take your favorite shade of SERY Pastel Nail Paint and then apply one coat evenly on the nails. Allow the nail paint to get dried fully and then move ahead to apply the second coat if you more intense finish. Let the nail paint get dried fully before moving to the next step.

Seal the Color with Top Coat

If you want to know the secret behind the shiny and long-lasting nail paint color then include applying the top coat after the final coat of nail polish. If you have religiously followed all the steps of at-home manicure but don’t get the desired result then apply your top coat to seal everything and make your nail paint look on-point for longer.

And voila, your perfectly painted nails are here!