Eyeliner Basics to Change Every Girl’s Makeup Look

Eyeliner Basics to Change Every Girl’s Makeup Look

No girl is happy with her makeup till she doesn’t apply that slide of eyeliner on her lids. Applying eyeliner takes a while to master and if you love fully defined eyes, you can easily ace it with practice and the right techniques. To get your eyeliner game on point, there are some basics that can help you achieve the perfect eye look. Whether you are a pro makeup artist or just a beginner, applying eyeliner is what that adds an oomph factor to the eyes.

Waterproof Eyeliners are on trend these days that last longer for hours and accentuate the eyes. The beauty of the eyeliner look is such, that you can create wings, cat eye or a sleek look and add bonus points to the whole eye makeup. The ultra-pigmented look of spectacular eyeliner adds both glamour and grace to the eyes and can be the perfect go-to look whether you are heading out shopping or trying a bold look for the weekend evening party. Here we put the list of all the tips to make your eyeliner long lasting and smudge proof.

Game-Changing Eyeliner Techniques That Every Girl Should Know

Trace the Eyelids with Kajal First

This trick is the life savior for all those makeup beginners who struggle with shaking hands while drawing the line across the eyelids. To make sure that eyeliner looks even, first draw the shape and give the exact thickness you want with the help of the best Kajal pencil for eyes. Now draw another line on top of that using eyeliner and wait till it gets dried up. Provide the right support to your arms while gliding the product so that your hands remain in a steady position and you don’t end up with uneven lines.

Use Makeup Remover Liquid for Erasing the Mistakes

Nothing is more frustrating than spending an hour to get your eyeliner aligned only to get a smudged and uneven finish. Eyeliner that gets smudged or smeared looks unattractive and starts creasing or fading. If you struggle with smudged eyeliner regularly then use a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover liquid to clean the unevenness. The best option is to use a bi-phase makeup remover that works great to even clean the waterproof eyeliner. If you are in a hurry and need to fix the eyeliner mistake then use a liquid makeup remover to clean the smudginess.

Allow the Eyeliner to Get Dried Fully

A good eyeliner formula allows instant drying that never budges or smears off your eyes. Hence after applying the eyeliner, always allow it to get dry before blinking. Have you ever got eyeliner flakes under the eye or above the crease area? If yes then you can avoid this by simply applying a line on the eyelids and waiting for a few seconds which will help the product to set on the lids and stay intact for longer hours. Another bonus hack that is super important to make the eyeliner smudge-free is sealing the makeup with a makeup setting spray.

Create Smokey Look with Smudged Eyeliner

When you catch a conversation about eyeliner, it doesn’t have to be always about sharp and crisp lines. You can always create a soft smokey look out of your smudged eyeliner. All you need is the right eye makeup brush and a bit of patience to bring out this eye look. An accidental makeup mistake can sometimes inspire a new and bolder look! The best way to create the eyeliner look is by applying eyeshadow in the same shade over the smudged eyeliner and smudges them more with an eyeshadow brush. Finish the look by cleaning the edges by dipping cotton swab in eye makeup remover and wipe off the extra product.

Using these basic tips, we have got you covered to prevent eyeliner from smudging. All you need is to keep these simple hacks to ace your eye makeup!

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
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