Eye Pencils are the New Trend – Create 9 Best Eye Makeup Looks in one Stroke

Eye Pencils are the New Trend – Create 9 Best Eye Makeup Looks in one Stroke

Black eyeliner has always been the king but there’s a change in the air as the trends have now shifted towards a vibrant and colorful era. The eye makeup is no longer confined to black and has stepped the ladders of unconventional shades. From captivating greens and mesmerizing golden to electrifying blue, ravishing brown, and passionate purples, the possibilities are limitless, and we eagerly want you to join the bandwagon. That’s why SERY has launched an exciting collection of 9 enchanting trending eye pencilsStatement Eye Definer that will surely revolutionise your beauty routine with the 9 gorgeous shades.

Crafted to give one swipe application, the eye pencil price is positioned to deliver the best and most affordable makeup to you. The highly pigmented shades glide like a dream giving a long-lasting performance, effortlessly lasting up to 24 hours without smudging. Ah, the epitome of ideal eyeliner is finally here! This is not it, stay tuned with us while we unfold the benefits of this gem and introduce you to the eye makeup that can be created with the shades of these best eye pencils!

Too Black Smokey


Let’s begin with black because we cannot forget how black eyeliners have saved our days. Stir up the emotions with the eyes lined with a bold shade of this matte black. It instantly lifts your mood from blah to bold. This classic color can be pulled off in numerous ways but our favourite look to create is smokey eyes lined with black eye pencils. Craft this look by applying this eye pencil on the upper lash line and smudge it instantly before it dries. Now with SERY Day To Night Eye Shadow Palette in shade – Dress Me Up, Swiss the shades on your peepers creating a cut-crease smoky eye and complete the look by swiping this black eye pencil on the lower lash line. Keep the lips muted with nude lipstick for complete glam makeup.

When you apply this eye pencil as the base you are indirectly making your whole makeup waterproof and smudge proof.

Deep Brown Love

Get ready to have your Mr. Significant dive deeper into your eyes with the intense pigments of brown on your date night. All hail to our brown eye pencil that glides like butter allowing you to stretch a smooth eye makeup in one stroke. Waltz into your baes heart by creating an extended brown eyeliner. Add a touch of SERY FlashLite Highlighter Stick on the inner corner and club the look with a perfectly sculpted glossy lip. Don’t fear going OTT because this eye makeup is going to have him love you head over heels.

Bronze Beauty Babe

Want to keep things elegant and sexy for the party night with your girls? Bring out the bronze beauty to the action. Set the dance floor’s temperature high with the metallic hue of bronze eye pencil that is outrageously beautiful and subtly bold. Go all out by creating smoky eye makeup and topping the crease and inner corner of the eyes with the soft arc of bronze shade. Dance the sweat out because these waterproof eye pencils will stick to all your moves. Swipe your best matte lipstick to add a super sensational look.

Sexy Silver Shine

Sexy Silver Shine

Be your badass best with the silver shine beauty that is inspired by heavenly hues to complement almost all your party or celebration outfits. Rejoice in the intense pigment of metallic silver eye pencil that pledges its loyalty to smudge-free application for all the celebration. Create eye-catching makeup with the Day to Night Eye Shadow Palette – Take Me Out, which helps in bringing out the best blend of shimmer and matte. Give ripples of delight to your work of art by adding a flick of the perfect wing with a silver eye pencil. Swipe the liquid lipstick on the lips to give your lips a dramatic appeal.

Pretty Purple Play

Make a splash with a burst of purple for the eyes that turns head. This shade radiates bright and lively rays which helps you to marvel at a chic look for both day and night makeup. Slay the look with the purple play-eye pencil by gliding it to create a classic winged eyeliner that gives a smooth finish in one swipe. If you are someone who likes to keep it casual then swirl a natural flush of blusher on the cheeks and if you like to go wild then turn on that monochrome vibe with a swipe of a purple liquid lipstick.

Voodoo Teal Magic

Let’s create voodoo with the whimsical tones of teal that’ll hypnotise everyone with your glamour in the most elegant way. Sport this shade by tying it with the mesmerizing eye makeup created using the shades of Aurora Eye Shadow – Cosmo Delight covering the eyelids with the magnificent pigment of emerald. Add a burst of vivacity with the teal eye pencil that is packed with unique pigments and gives a bold release of magic to the eyes. Keep those luscious lips muted with defined nude lipstick from SERY.

Sapphire Blue Spell

Want the eyes that are deeper than the ocean? Spill the blue notes of the sapphire shade that will give you a spellbinding look worth diving for. Let the pigments of blue eye pencil lead you to create full-rimmed eye makeup along with the dreamy shimmer of SERY Aurora Eye Shadow – Beyond Beauty. With the blue making waves again, embark on the ship of stylish makeup and be the anchor that lays the trail of trendy eye makeup. Add the beauty of the pearls of the ocean by swiping the crystal shine shade from SERY Butter Shine Lip Gloss.

Sparkling Green Forest

Sparkling Green Forest

This shade screams, may the wings of your liner make you look ever GREEN! Find your mystic beauty rhythm in the color that stands alone to complement your pretty face. One swipe of this pigment-packed wand instantly transforms simple basic makeup into a run-way-worthy look. Create a blazing look with the most trendy green-eye pencil in a creative way to steal the heart with intense green eyes. For that extra oomph, wiggle another charming lady, SERY XpressLash Volumizing Mascara to add volume and intensify the lashes. Accentuate the lips with a swipe of your best liquid lipstick from the brown family.

Cool Indigo Allure

Our new motto is, when in doubt go INDGIO. Beauties time to unfold the inner artist with this drop-dead gorgeous shade whose generous swipe will make you the talk of the town! One stroke of this ultra-pigmented indigo eye pencil and you are sorted to captivate everyone for the next 24 hours, we are not kidding! For a striking impact, pull out your forever favourite black kajalSERY Black Pro Ultimate Kajal and swipe it on the eyes’ waterline. Wow, tempting is all you will say after you achieve the final look. For a final finish, grab your favourite bullet lipstick and apply it on the lips, Voila! You will look irresistible. 

Soft or sultry? Choose your best bet and embark on the boat of trendy eye makeup with these 9 exquisite shades of SERY Statement Eye Definer that work well even when applied individually without any other makeup on the face. Yes, that’s the kind of extraordinary performance it lends.

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