Easy To Do Make-Up Routine for Every Working Woman

Easy To Do Make-Up Routine for Every Working Woman

Today’s modern woman is always on the go! She is vocal about her life priorities and does not fear away to take her own decisions. The career-driven women are climbing the ladder of success with their career milestones leaving everyone in awe. And it’s just not her work that speaks of her modesty and brilliance but also the way she carries herself around her colleagues.

Workplace attire is completely different from what we dressed up as during college and so is the make-up look. If you have recently moved from carefree college life to corporate space and are confused about which kind of make-up look to carry with your formals, here’s the exclusive girl’s guide to looking decent and presentable with the right make-up look. These instant Make-up Tips work is for every beginner that will help you to reach the office on time!

Follow the Skin Care Regime

If you wish to show up to work with a fresh and radiant face then along with make-up, you also need to work on your skincare routine. Always prep your skin in the night by cleansing, moisturizing, and toning to wake up with a fresh face. Never sleep with make-up on as it can result in skin breakouts and acne problems. Cleaning the skin thoroughly and moisturizing it before applying make-up. Prep your skin well using SERY Perfect Finish Primer with hydrating formula as it leaves the skin smooth, fresh, and mattified.

Choose Sweat-Proof Products

The winter season has gone and the temperature rise has already started making us feel sweaty. If you don’t want your make-up to melt the moment you step out in the sun, invest in make-up products formulated in a way that is sweat-proof and long-lasting. Uncontrollable sweating can lead to cakey and smudged make-up. Wipe off any excess sweat and oil from the face with SERY Fix N Click HD Compact & Finishing Powder which gives a mattifying effect all day long. 

Apply Transfer-Proof Lipstick

Things are finally starting to look up as offices have moved from virtual space to offline platforms. However due to the precautions by keeping masks up, eye make-up is having all the attention and people have almost stopped applying lipstick due to the fear of getting smudged. If you are also apprehensive of applying lipstick under the mask, well then you need SERY Stay-On Liquid Matt Lip Color that stays throughout even under the mask. These lipsticks in mesmerizing shades feel lightweight and are mask-proof. 

Set the look with Setting Spray

The scorching heat of the summer becomes the major reason for make-up melting on the face. Well, we can’t do anything about the rising temperature but can surely pull off smudge-free make-up using the right trick. Setting the make-up is the key to seal the look and make you look feel refreshed. SERY Set It All Make-up Setting Spray is the right call to save the beauty look from melting or settling into fine lines. 

Summer season is already in the full swing and these tips are surely going to help you with pulling off your make-up look!