Different Hacks of Concealer to Look Gorgeous

Different Hacks of Concealer to Look Gorgeous

One make-up product that hides all the imperfection on the face is none other than concealer in our make-up kitty. Concealer is that game-changer that blurs all the spots visible in form of dark circles, spots, and blemishes. However, the purpose of concealer is much more than just hiding the marks on the face. Let’s discuss on how can we use concealer in different ways along with other beauty products and get the most out of it.

How to Use Concealer in Different Ways?

Use Concealer for Fuller Lips 

If you want to make your lips look larger and fuller, apply concealer on the lips that match your skin tone and blend properly before applying lipstick. Outline your lips with the lip liner and then fill it with your favorite lipstick. Patting concealer on the outer edges of the lips gives the exact shade of lip color shown on the packaging and also makes them look bigger. 

Fix the Eyeliner with Concealer 

If your eyeliner does not look sharp and precise or you end up drawing wrong lines then concealer is there to help you out. Pick the concealer that blends with your skin tone and dab over the messed-up line to make it look defined with the help of a concealer brush. Concealer is the magical solution to all the eyeliner mistakes, making the lines look perfect.

Apply Concealer before Eye shadow 

Grab that bottle of concealer from your make-up pouch and apply before you make your eyes pop-up with the eye shadow. This will make your eye make-up look vibrant and long-lasting. The eye shadow blends seamlessly if you apply concealer before using any eye shadow shade.

 Use Concealer to Define the Eyebrows 

Concealers can also be used to define the eyebrows and make them look enhanced. Once you have got the desired shape, take some concealer and apply under the brow area and blend it properly. This will bring an instant shape and make the brows look well shaped and defined. Try this simple concealer hack for well-groomed eyebrows and slay your eye-make up. Just follow these tips and hacks of concealer and avail its benefits with SERY High Cover Super Coverage Concealer that has high coverage and covers all the skin imperfections.