Create Trendy Eye Makeup of 2023 with One Eye Shadow Palette

Create Trendy Eye Makeup of 2023 with One Eye Shadow Palette

The idea of creating your own eye makeup look in the era of Instagram might easily overwhelm and challenge you. Moreover, even if we adore elaborate, extravagant eye makeup, there are instances when our efforts don’t deliver the ideal, Instagram-worthy look. But luckily, the most recent makeup styles are extremely simple or easy to create, making them perfect for shaky hands and inexperienced makeup users. Therefore, we explored the depths of the internet to find simple eye makeup trends for you that gives perfect amount of glitz. There are many interesting and exciting options to spice things up, from a subtle shimmer to graphic pops of colors from our newly launched shade palette of Aurora Eye Shadow – Gold Show. The eye shadow looks listed below are equally effective continue reading for some distinctive eye makeup trends you should try right away.

The Golden Glam


A sheer shine of gold is having a moment right now! From Hailey Bieber to Jahnvi Kapoor, everyone is hooked into the golden eye makeup look. Using a wash of golden shadow on the lids with neutral lipstick is a great way to incorporate gold into your makeup without going overboard. Just apply a base color to the lids that match your skin tone of eyes and swipe shade Amber for a sophisticated touch of glam. The golden shadow gives off a glow no one can deny and pairs well with a minimal bit of bronze looks gorgeous on every Indian skin tone.

The Matte Madness

The safest and classic, matte eye makeup. Nothing can beat the subtleness delivered by the flush of blush shade for the gold show palette. One swipe of this highly pigmented shade gives a gliding touch to the lids and pairs well with SÉRY Stay On Liquid Matte Eyeliner. Add a contrasting touch to the lids by applying shade tingle that instantly enhances skin even when applied lightly, which is why it’s such a beautiful mix of color to wear in any season. We cannot get enough of these beautiful hues that complement every skin tone. 

The Shimmer Show

A touch of shimmer is never bitter! Especially with the shade Aurous and Caramel, they lend mesmerising finish of shimmer that is ideal for creating soft, natural makeup which looks good at any time of year. Wear these shades together or independently with shaped brows using SÉRY Definition Micro Brow Pencil and highlighted skin gives a breathtaking allure. It allows you to go as light as you want while still maintaining a lovely finish. You can also use these shades as the top finisher on your smokey eye makeup for a glam effect.

Nude & Shimmer Power

Among Instagram makeup artists, the inner-corner pop eye makeup trend is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to Instagram’s makeup influencers, a tremendous splash has been made just in time for the year 2023. The eye-catching style is surprisingly easy to pull off and a stylish way to project significant cool-girl vibes with just little effort. How? Swipe shade Plum on the lids, blend it well, and club it with shade Caramel or any other shimmer shade from the palette. Voila! This easy yet subtle makeup will elevate your makeup game like never before. To accentuate the look, add a few coats of SÉRY Lash Laminate Mascara, to add a lengthening effect and make those eyes look wide and irresistible.


Isn’t this eye shadow a bliss? Obviously, it is! Who wouldn’t want a palette that helps in creating an eye-conic makeup look in a jiffy? Get your hands on this amazing Vegan palette and up your makeup game like never before. You can also create the famous cut-crease eye makeup look with this 9-in-1 palette, learn it from and achieve a head-turning eye makeup look. Play along with the beautiful shades of Aurora Eye Shadow and enter into the new world of makeup.

Shades of SÉRY Aurora Eye Shadow – Gold Show

  • Blush: Give a soft pinkish hint to the eyelids that can be used as a base shade and as a standalone hue.
  • Suspire: Swipe this highly pigmented smoked champagne gold and make those eyes dazzle.
  • Glit:  Slay with the glamorous golden gleam of Glit by applying it on the top of the base shade.
  • Amber: Give a soothing warm glow with the shades of Amber that lends a smooth metallic shine when applied on top of the base shade.
  • Tingle: Celebrate your charismatic look with a dash of this matte shade that works well as a base and standalone shade for nude eye makeup.
  • Aurous: Bring out the Diva in you by flaunting the mesmerising shimmer champagne gold shade.
  • Caramel: Look your best with the delicious hint of this Caramel metallic shade for a stunning look.
  • Plum: Create playful shimmer eyes with the plum shade that suits every skin tone and gives strong color pay off when applied on top of a base shade.

Bliss: Create a blissful shadow play with this matte shade which can be used as a base or standalone shade lending both a subtle and glam look.

Nisha Rathi
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