Create 5 Durga Puja Eye Makeup Look with SÉRY Products

Create 5 Durga Puja Eye Makeup Look with SÉRY Products

You must have browsed every part of the internet to get that authentic Puja look for your pandal visit and in-house ceremonies. But you haven’t been able to find that authentic look that would give the Pujo feels. Don’t worry, SÉRY has made it easier for you by rounding up a few must-try Durga Puja eye makeup looks that will leave everyone awe-struck and make you steal the spotlight wherever go. 

Note: Before starting any makeup look, ensure to prep your skin with CTM (Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturiser) for a flawless base. If you don’t clean the face and start to apply the makeup, it might not give you the result you have expected and your makeup might start wearing.

Crease Cut Cat Eye


A heavy expressive cat eye look sounds just about right for Durga Puja makeup. Apply a high-coverage foundation for an even and smooth base. After that, begin with the eyebrows, take a little concealer and apply it on the brow bone to give a definition.

For the cut crease, pick a dark shade SÉRY Day to Night Eye Shadow Palette – Dress me up shade, and with the help of an eyeshadow brush apply it just above the crease of your eyelids. Take the pink shade and create a crease and top it with a shimmer.

Now, apply a thick stroke of SÉRY Stay On Liquid Eyeliner creating a cat-eye liner. Finish the eye makeup by applying a double coat of mascara.

The Golden Winged Eye

The Golden Winged Eye​

Imagine wearing your red outfit paired with golden eye makeup, the picture is mesmerizing, right? Now let’s change this picture into reality. Take out your makeup kit and get ready to create this Golden Winged Eye look with us.

For the base, prep your eyes by applying a concealer that is 1 or 2 shades lighter than your complexion. Yes, concealer is known to be the best base for eye makeup because it allows the product to give a rich color payoff.

Apply a golden eyeshadow on the eyelids and blend it well. Create a little crease in the upper end of the lids to add a pop to the eyes. Now, top it with a golden shimmer shade from SÉRY Day to Night Eye Shadow Palette – Wish me pop. After this, apply a medium to thick winged eyeliner with SÉRY Panache Eyeliner Pen – Mid Night Black. Finish the look by applying a thick coat of mascara to give those eyes a dramatic look.

The Bird Eye or Floating Crease

The Bird Eye or Floating Crease ​

This trendy eye makeup look is also popularly known as the graphic eye or over-the-liner look. With just a few products, you can pull off this stylish and elegant look.

From SÉRY Aurora Eye Shadow Palette beyond Beauty pick a light shade and put it on your eyelids. Make sure that the product doesn’t go out of the outer V of the eyes and crease line of the eyelids. Give a touch of shimmer to amp up the look.

The challenging part of this look is applying eyeliner. Take SÉRY Spectacular Color Eyeliner – Mocha Begin with lining your upper lash line and drawing a wing (draw thickness depending upon your preference).

The next step is to create a floating liner just above the crease. Keep your hands steady and light while you draw the floating liner. Draw a stroke following the shape of your eyelids and connect it to the wing of your liner. Complete the look by applying 2-3 coats of SÉRY Lash Laminate Mascara – Black lengthening mascara.

The Minimal Glam

The Bird Eye or Floating Crease ​

If you are someone who likes to keep the makeup minimal and mellow, then this eye makeup look is for you. Take a shade that is close to your eyelid’s color, you can also take SÉRY Aurora Beauty Beyond and choose a shade of your choice. Apply it and blend it with the help finger or an eyeshadow brush. 

After that, apply a thick stroke of winged eyeliner, even though we are keeping it minimal, we have to give the eyes a festive vibe, so play well with the eyeliner. Finish the look by applying SÉRY XpressLash Volumizing Mascara to add a glam yet subtle effect to the eyes. 

To add a glam touch apply a stick highlighter on your brow bone and achieve the look. 

So, ladies, now you are all set to create a breath-taking eye makeup look that is sure to turn heads and bring compliments on your way.

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
Anushka Jain is an enthusiast who loves to explore Makeup but with the added element of care through her writing skill. She firmly believes in BEAUTY WITH CARE and thinks that makeup should enhance your skin and confidence both from inside and outside. In her leisure time she loves to create music & songs and enjoys exploring the world & people.