Basic Eye Make-up Tips for Every Girl

Basic Eye Make-up Tips for Every Girl

The eye make-up look that is intense and bold accentuates the entire face. With the help of the right make-up products, you can highlight the features and boost up the confidence for pulling up the office look to Saturday date night or usual hang out with friends. Every eye shape is diverse and with the help of the right make-up tips, you can enhance your eye-look. For all the divas on the go, the below-given eye make-up tips work great for creating a dramatic eye make-up look and would steal the show for sure. 

Beginner’s Guide to Create Basic Eye Make-up Look

Prep Your Eyes Before Make-up

To make sure eye-make-up stays for long without creasing or smudging, it is important to ensure your eyes are clean and dry. Take make-up wipes or soft cloth and wipe off the eyelids to remove any residual or excess oil. Now create a smooth base for the eye make-up with the help of SERY High Coverage Concealer that has a soft matte finish that blends seamlessly. Simply take concealer in the hands and pat on the eyelids. Blend in the inner corner of the eyes and into the crease for a flawless finish. 

Pick Basic Eye Shadow Shades 

Begin the eye make-up with the basic eye shadow shades. You can choose the color shades depending upon the occasion and look you are carrying. Create soft and stunning looks with the help of SERY Aurora Eye Shadow Palette. Pick one light color shade and apply it all over the eyelids. Pick a darker shade and apply on the crease, blend it well, and get high-intensity color play off, silky and smooth finish. 

Apply Eyeliner

Eyeliner is a staple make-up product that should be in every girl’s make-up kit. Choose eyeliner that can glide below the waterline and lash line both. SERY Panache Eyeliner Pen has a soft and flexible tip for creating thin and thick lines that are stunning and well-defined. Applying eyeliner will make your eyes pop with a jet black finish. 

Highlight the Eyebrows 

The next step is to enhance the eyebrows with the help of a brow pencil. SERY Definition Micro Brow Pencil comes with a spoolie brush that coats even the finest of hair and creates beautiful and bigger eyebrows. You can create crisp arches with the help of SERY Eye Brow pencil and get a natural and matte finish look. 

Curl the Lashes with Mascara

Give your lashes a lovely lift with intense length, dramatic curl, and major volume by applying mascara. Use SERY Xpress Lash Volumizing Mascara and get plumped and defined eyelashes with the help of a few strokes. If you don’t want to put false lashes, applying mascara on upper and lower lashes s a must thing to curl your lashes for the long-lasting feathery look.  And you are done! Just follow these quick steps and create your make-up look with defined eyes.