4 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid to Achieve a Flawless Makeup Base

4 Foundation Mistakes to Avoid to Achieve a Flawless Makeup Base

In the horizon of makeup, what is the most challenging task? Is it finding the right shade of lipstick? Or the right shade of blush? Maybe it’s cracking the perfect way to create a winged eyeliner, right? Well, to be honest, none of these. Because achieving all of them are comparatively easier than choosing the right shade of foundation. Finally, we struck the right chord!  A foundation can make or break the makeup look, therefore, always be careful while choosing one and applying it. The base has to be strong for anything to stand out, and so is for makeup. If the base is not set right, then your makeup will end up having a cakey base, patches, and uneven skin tone. Scared? Don’t be! Because our intent is to highlight the mistakes and ways to avoid them when it comes to foundation. Give this blog a read, a 5-minute read can save extra time you put up when you struggle to fix the base.

Choosing the Wrong Shade of Foundation


The first foundation mistake made by everyone! Trying to match the shade of foundation, we often get confused and end up ordering either lighter or darker shades. Even in the artificial light of shops, it becomes a little challenging to pick the right shade. So, how do we take away this confusion? The best way to pick the right foundation is by understanding the undertone, light, medium or neutral. Once, you master that area, you can easily pick the correct shade for your skin, while shopping for the foundation online or taking help from the experts who are at stores to assist you.

Another way of identifying the foundation shade is by applying it on the jawline. Apply the swatches, and allow them to sit for 2-3 minutes and you can see the results. How does this help? Because the foundation tends to oxidise, it changes its original shade. Therefore, the jawline method is the safest and quickest way to determine the correct shade for your skin tone.

For a better understanding of how to choose the right shade of foundation, click on this link

Not Picking the Right Formula


Just because it looks good on your friend’s face, doesn’t mean it is going to accentuate your look as well. Because foundations are made with different formulations to suit different skin tones and types, it is extremely important to identify them before picking one. Foundations are just like skin care products, formulated with different consistency to suit your skin type. If you have dry skin, then use a liquid foundation curated with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, because it helps in keeping the skin hydrated. And if you have oily skin then the matte foundation enriched with Vitamin E and Kaolin Clay is the ideal pick because it helps in retaining moisture and keeps the skin health intact.

Ace the base by using SÉRY Satin Flawless Longwear Foundation & SÉRY Fix ‘N’ Click Foundation Stick, both products are curated to suit Indian skin tones and enriched with care ingredients to keep the skin healthy.

Applying too Much of a Foundation

Ladies, quit applying too much foundation so that you look fair. The foundation is built to provide an even tone to your natural skin by covering the blemishes and dark areas. So, clearly, applying foundation mindlessly is not helping! But, sometimes, applying a thin layer doesn’t seem to work, what to do in such a situation? To achieve an even base that looks natural always use a foundation that has buildable properties. It is beneficial because you can add multiple layers by adding the product little by little. Problem solved! All you need to do is add SÉRY face foundations  to your makeup kit because they are made with remarkable formulation and most importantly, they lend a buildable finish.

Not Prepping & Setting the Base

Not-Prepping-&-Setting-the Base

Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise. This is the golden rule if you want to achieve a flawless base. Sometimes, your foundation doesn’t blend or there are a lot of patches forming around the skin, ever wonder why? It’s because there are dirt and grime floating on the skin which interrupts the blending and leads to forming patches of foundation. That’s why make CTM the regular part of the skincare regime, you can also add exfoliation, following it twice a week. After this, the basic step of attaining flawless makeup is by applying a face primer. Always begin the makeup with a primer, it helps in providing a smooth canvas for the product to glide and blend seamlessly. If you are wondering, which is the best face primer, then get your hands on SÉRY Perfect Finish Face Primer, it is a lightweight product that is formulated with 79% of H2O and enriched with vegetal glycerine that suits every skin type.

Now, let’s talk about setting the base. After applying foundation and concealer, set it with SÉRY Translucent Face Powder, to lock the base and keep the makeup intact. Translucent powder is important because it is crafted with properties that help in keeping the makeup last long without feathering and smudging.

Now that we have highlighted mistakes with the solution, we are sure that you are going to create a flawless makeup look.

Nisha Rathi
Author: Nisha Rathi
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