3 Easy Tri-color Inspired Nail Art Designs for Republic Day

3 Easy Tri-color Inspired Nail Art Designs for Republic Day

As a kid, we used to be very enthusiastic about 2 things, school events and not to mention MAKEUP, obviously! As soon as the calendar marked the New Year, we all used to be excited about the Republic day parade, but now that we are all grown-ups we cannot participate in such events. That doesn’t mean we can’t come up with creative ways to commemorate this important day in a patriotic way. Enter – Republic Day Nail Art. Yes, it is that easy. Gather your saffron, green, white, and indigo nail paints from SÉRY Color Flirt Nail Enamel & Celebration Collection Nail Polish and try your hand at these Indian flag-inspired nail arts for Republic Day.

Simple Nail Art


If you are someone who wants to keep it as simple as possible then, give this nail art a go. Regardless of the size of the nails, these easy-to-do nail art are simple to create and the safest bet. This nail art combines the idea of simplicity with a contemporary design element. All you need to do is grab these colors for the SÉRY Color Flirt Nail Enamel collection and unveil your inner artist. Before applying nail polish, ensure to clean, shape and file those nails properly so that the color gives a rich finish. Start with applying a base coat with SÉRY Top it With Care – this transparent nail polish has a dual usage, you can use it as a top coat and base coat, as per the requirement. Once you are done with the base coat, take the shades of Color Flirt Nail Enamel collection – Rare Bare and Fire Orange and apply it alternatively and finish it with dots of black nail paint. Voila! You are ready to flaunt those elegant nails.

Half n Half Nail Art

Another easy yet elegant nail art design for this Republic Day is this half-n-half nail art. The best part is it won’t take a long time to achieve it and you can easily create this mesmerising look at home. This nail art resonates with contemporary designs and radiates versatility because it can be done on both long and short nails. Begin with cleaning the nails to have a smooth canvas for application. People with long nails can pull this art in the edges, however, people with small nails can apply the nail polish starting from the nail bed. Apply a base coat and let it dry, after that take the shade Emerald from SÉRY Color Flirt Nail Polish – Celebration Collection and shade Orange Punch from SÉRY Color Flirt Nail Enamel. Apply it in a slanted way and divide the difference of color with black nail paint. Ta-da! You are good to go! You can also add glitter nail paint to add a little glam to this nail art.

Dotted Flag Nail Art

Perfect for both short and long nails, this tricolor Republic Day Nail Art looks stylish and chic. Simply paint a few orange dots at the nail’s base, a few green dots at the tip, and a few indigo dots in the centre to create this look at home. Simply paint a few orange dots at the nail’s base, a few green dots at the tip, and a few indigo dots in the centre to create this look. Since the whole look is going to be on a white base, choose your white nail paint wisely. Pick the one that has high color payoff properties and is made with quick-drying formula, use SÉRY Color Flirt Nail Enamel – White Beauty. This white nail polish gives an easy application experience in one coat. After the base dries up, make dots just like in the picture with shade Rare Bare, Steal Teal, and Fire Orange from the Color Flirt collection. Seal the entire design with a top coat for a smooth finish and you are ready to flaunt those irresistible nail arts.

At the end of every application, ensure to wipe off the extras from the corner with SÉRY Nail Paint Remover. Take a cotton swab or an earbud for easy removal and with just a few drops remove the extras. This acetone-free nail polish remover is best because it doesn’t have a pungent smell, and keeps the nail nourished with the goodness of Almond Oil.

Don’t stop yourself from trying these unique and simple nail art ideas and unleash your inner artist by trying these easy-to-create Republic Day Nail Art with the SÉRY collection. If you want to add a touch of glam then top it with glitter nail paint from the same range of collections.

Anushka Jain
Author: Anushka Jain
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